Litigation & Attorney Support

Litigation & Attorney Support

What is GIS-Based Forensic Mapping?
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TGA works closely with attorneys, environmental/natural resource professionals, and discipline specific (water, oil/gas, mining, etc.) experts to create working maps, tables, and exhibits for compelling, persuasive arguments.

Our thorough research and review of historic documents often uncovers critical information needed by other team experts.

“The cost of their services was a fraction of the value they brought to my cases…”
Robert H. Foster, PhD, JD; formerly with US Department of Justice,
Environmental/Natural Resource Division

GIS-based forensic mapping is a crucial component of an effective litigation strategy throughout the lifecycle of a case – from processing information and crafting an expert’s opinions during dis­covery to preparing exhibits that will be shared throughout trial or submitted to opponents during settlement negotiations. By aggregating multiple data reflecting relevant activities, TGA clarifies land use impacts to the environment and crafts multidimensional historical presentations that are not available through any other method.

Understanding spatial relationships over time allows litigation experts to perform analyses and test theories before reports and presentations. As research, testing, and discovery is performed, data can be incorporated and modeled in GIS to reveal relationships or patterns that direct future analyses and steer trial or settlement strategies.

Digital maps as end product are more effective than text-only reports, graphs or spreadsheets: Dynamic map(s) lead a judge/jury through processes, owners/operators, and impact over time at trial or in settlement meetings.

  • Turn layers on/off to focus on specifics
  • Take measurements (length, volume, area)
  • Identify sources
  • Tell a compelling story

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