Data Management

Data Management

TGA’s core competency is the careful and critical examination of acquired data (vetting).

Our Central Spatial Data Repository for all possible team members on a project is critical to decreasing potential disconnects by holding and vetting all discipline-specific spatial data. TGA establishes and maintains a central authenticated database to manage all of a project’s spatial information.


If there are multiple sources, TGA clarifies the best of each layer and documents any assumptions regarding viability and use.


Consistent base information for all experts on a case leads to fewer disputes/confusion on differences in color, symbols, and street names (spelling and type: Street, Avenue, etc.). Qualifying base data once at the beginning allows experts to be experts and not get hung up in why their basic map information is different than the next expert’s.

Every item/file in the Central Spatial Database, including source and working files, is documented in TGA Data Tracker™


Completely Auditable/Defensible Data Trail

For any document of data file we can readily answer…

  • Where did it come from?
  • How was it processed?
  • How is it identified?
  • Where is it stored?
  • Who is it shared with?
  • What is relationship to other data?
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