How We Do It

How We Do It

TGA uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop, manage, and distribute complex spatial databases, and to create presentation-quality visualizations and graphics. We are expert at acquiring and integrating historic and current spatial data to build the critical information you need to facilitate a project or represent a case.

Using GIS, GPS field verification, 3D modelling, and photo simulation we transform complex issues into defensible, authoritative, and easily understood maps and graphics.

Our geometrically correct photo-simulations illustrate what a project will look like during all phases of completion providing concerned residents and officials a true sense of place.  These fully rendered simulations are completely defensible and much more provocative than an artist’s sketch.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrate and overlay unlimited layers of themed spatial and tabular data to illustrate and reveal patterns, context, and the intrinsic qualities of any location.

GPS pins the abstract to defensible and auditable real-world coordinates and geography.

3D modeling provides additional perspective to further visualize height, distance, and relationships beyond the plan view.

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